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31 August 1980
London, City of London, United Kingdom
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North Sydney Girls High School - Sydney NSW AU (1993 - 1998)
University of Sydney - Sydney NSW AU (1999 - 2005)
Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga NSW AU (2005 - 2009)
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cockroaches, computer games, computers, ethics, ffxi, final fantasy xi, fish, gummi bears, irc, japan, japanese, jasmine, lizards, mame, music, nicholas, philosophy, philosophy of science, powerbooks, rain, reading, rpgs, showers, snakes, sociology, sociology of science, stick insects, thunder, winter
Hello! I'm a no-longer-20-something ethicist working at Middlesex University, London, UK.

Aussie born and bred, I've decided to pop over to Europe to enjoy a bit of history & European culture while embarking on my academic research career!

I completed my PhD in 2009 at Charles Sturt University in the Centre for Applied Philosophy & Public Ethics, Australia. Before that I did a BSc majoring in Computer Science and History & Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney, Australia, before going on to do my Honours in HPS at the same university. I spent a year working in Belgium, 2009-2010.

I like to play video games, spin, knit, keep up with my friends online, and walking around European cities and towns.
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