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31 August 1980
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Hello! I'm a no-longer-20-something ethicist working in Leicester, UK.

Aussie born and bred, I've decided to pop over to Europe to enjoy a bit of history & European culture while embarking on my academic research career!

I completed my PhD in 2009 at Charles Sturt University in the Centre for Applied Philosophy & Public Ethics, Australia. Before that I did a BSc majoring in Computer Science and History & Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney, Australia, before going on to do my Honours in HPS at the same university. I spent a year working in Belgium, 2009-2010, and some time in London after that, before I got a real permanent job.

I like to play video games, spin, knit, keep up with my friends online, and walking around European cities and towns.

I'm married to a pretty awesome guy who does techy things and we both live with our cat Zoe in a little house with a lovely garden.

You can find me on twitter as @liedra.